Aperitivo bars on a budget

Aperitivo is one of my favorite Italian hobbies. It’s basically like happy hour but better. This is how it works: most bars, cafés and even some restaurants offer an aperitivo usually around the hours of 6pm to 9:30pm. When you order a drink- it can be anything- it entitles you the the lovely little buffet of snacks. It’s quite a deal and some people treat it like an affordable dinner... read more

Top 5 hot chocolate shops

Most gelateria shops in Florence close for the winter months, leaving those of us with a massive sweet tooth with something to be desired. A common treat that Florentines enjoy when they can’t get their gelato fix is none other than a hot chocolate- cioccolata calda. Italians don’t joke around with it, either. They usually melt down real chocolate- not that powdered swiss miss gunk. No, when... read more